Thursday, October 25, 2012


If you are ever near Chicago and need maintenance, go and support Roman's Custom Cycles. 3819 N. Kedzie Chicago, IL. 60618 (773) 583-9600 This guy will do anything in his power to help you out. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Harvest Run

3 inch nail, flat tire at 85, fixed but not fixed, another flat tire, another good 24 hours. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Evel Knievel

If it is possible it is done.
If it is impossible it will be done.

Evel Knievel full movie streaming at:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Harvest Run this weekend Oct. 20th

Leaving Chicago Saturday morning for this.

What: Let the 2012 riding season end with a ride & party. The Harvest run is all about letting the riding season end the right way and the building season start with a bang. Meet new and old friends and BS about your winter plans all while having a kick ass time.

Cost: Ride is free, camping at Papa Murph's is $8 and you must be 21 to camp.

Where to meet: Papa Murph's, Utica IL

When: October 20th 2012, Kick stands up at Noon. Be early if you want to unload camping gear first.

-> Ride is about 116 miles, south side of the river through the back roads on the way to Freaksters, north side of the river through the little river towns on the way back.
-> longest gas stop is about 50 miles.
->Awards given for best mustache and also the sketchiest bike. So grow your Mustache and ride your deathtrap. Trophies will be given away for each as well as prizes provided by Rock & Ride.
-> Prize for the sketchiest bike will be a "pot" made of donations and spare parts.
RIDERS- Bring extra bungies or bags to care potential prize, you only take what you can carry rest go's to runner up.
RIDERS- You only get a chance to vote if you either bring a spare chopper part or a donation of a dollar or more. We will judge if parts are acceptable.
->ALL bikes welcome, Choppers and Vintage bikes ride first.

More info at

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shop Class As Soulcraft

"People who ride motorcycles have gotten something right, and I want to put myself in the service of it, this thing that we do, this kingly sport that is like war made beautiful."

Shop Class as Soulcraft brings alive an experience that was once quite common, but now seems to be receding from society-the experience of making and fixing things with our hands. Those of us who sit in an office often feel a lack of connection to the material world, a sense of loss, and find it difficult to say exactly what we do all day. For anyone who felt hustled off to college, then to the cubicle, against their own inclinations and natural bents, Shop Class as Soulcraft seeks to restore the honor of the manual trades as a life worth choosing.

On both economic and psychological grounds, Crawford questions the educational imperative of turning everyone into a "knowledge worker," based on a misguided separation of thinking from doing, the work of the hand from that of the mind. Crawford shows us how such a partition, which began a century ago with the assembly line, degrades work for those on both sides of the divide.

But Crawford offers good news as well: the manual trades are very different from the assembly line, and from dumbed-down white collar work as well. They require careful thinking and are punctuated by moments of genuine pleasure. Based on his own experience as an electrician and mechanic, Crawford makes a case for the intrinsic satisfactions and cognitive challenges of manual work. The work of builders and mechanics is secure; it cannot be outsourced, and it cannot be made obsolete. Such work ties us to the local communities in which we live, and instills the pride that comes from doing work that is genuinely useful. A wholly original debut, Shop Class as Soulcraft offers a passionate call for self-reliance and a moving reflection on how we can live concretely in an ever more abstract world.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Harvest Run October 20th

Harvest Run. Oct 20th. Wilmington IL-Utica IL. Good chance to get out on the bike and do some camping before the onslaught of winter.
 PaPa Murphs Utica IL
"We are awarding prizes from Rock and Ride and trophies for both best Mustache and the sketchiest chop. This event is free and camping in $8. Just an opportunity for everyone to get together at the end of the season and BS about their winter plans" 
 Get all the info here.